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About Me
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About Me


In the early 90’s God begin to burden me about evangelism in the local church.  The apostle Paul said in Romans 1:16 “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to every one who believes.” I finally realized that we already have what the world is looking and longing for, filed away in the four walls of every church.


The Good News


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only gospel that can set people free. We all know people who need the power of God in their lives.  The power of God releases them from the curse and bondage of sin. Instead we’re ashamed, we refuse to go public with The Good News, and people all around us are missing out on the life changing power of The Gospel.  Its time we get it out of the four walls of the local church and go public with the Gospel by declaring Christ’s glory among the heathen, and in our communities.  This is how God began to burden me with the tent ministry.


The Tent


The tent is used to take the Gospel right to where men, women, and children live.  Just like God came and pitched his tent among men in his son Jesus Christ (John 1:14), Christ has now sent us into the world (John 20:21, 17:18).  The tent is neutral ground to the community, it tears down some barriers that people might have, hang-ups that would keep them from coming to our churches.  It’s a wonderful tool to enter into the realm of the unregenerate to proclaim Christ.  We realize that once they are saved, church is no longer a problem, it’s just that the devil is such a deceiver.  We are told to go get them, redeem the time, compel them to come, warn the wicked (we are not told to hide out in our church and misery three times a week).  It’s time that we break out and get on the line of scrimmage, church!


Across America


All Across America each week, Christians sit, soak, and sour as they become spiritual consumers without being gospel deliverers.  We have the authority to go and unleash this spiritual fire so people might be overwhelmed with the Grace of God and be born again.  Then, like the believers in Acts, we will see God adding to the church daily those who are being saved.  The Gospel is the power of God to everyone who believes.  It will transform your relationships, your circumstances, and your life, and it can do the same for everyone with whom you share it with.  It’s time to go public with the Gospel!  Let’s stop being intimidated and ashamed.  Everybody else is “coming out”, so we might as well come out too!! The benefits of evangelism are too great to keep it to ourselves. 


My Burden


My burden is for America! I believe the greatest help for America is Jesus in the local church.  The local church however is struggling.  The church is struggling because of fractured families and marriages. Our teenagers are destroying themselves with drug addiction, alcoholism, ext. Did you know suicide is the second largest killer of teenagers? America is crying out for help!  My desire is to help the local church, the pastor and the people.  I wish to remind them of the mission of the church and that what they do does make a difference.  We need to live godly lives, bear fruit, proclaim the Excellencies of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9), (Titus 2:10), and bring revival back into our churches. 




Revival means to “wake up and live” or “to breath” and give expression of new life ”spiritual life” (Eph 2:1).  True revival is always the return of something to it’s true nature and purpose with “vast energies and power”, awakened with force, filled with the love of Christ in our hearts, moved to care for those whom God loves, and for whom He gave His Son.  Then, out of this compassion the dynamics for a compelling evangelism is born.  Then, the local church can make a difference in its community!